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How to build self-discipline

This is a short post. It will take you less than three minutes to read it. But if you can grasp the one simple idea I present, it will change the way you view your entire life. To begin I want to give you a simple premise: Most people are too concerned about what they are doing and not concerned enough by what they are becoming by doing it. You may want to read that again. And then let me give you an example. Let's say you decide you are going to workout tomorrow morning at five a.m.. You set out your workout clothes and set your alarm to wake you an hour earlier than you normally get up. The next morning that alarm goes off and jerks you out of a deep sleep. You are exhausted. At that moment your inner monologue has a little discussion with itself. The first side tells you that you need to get up and go to the gym. It reminds you of your commitment to your goal and your resolution to workout more. It even brings backup. Guilt. This side of your mind tells you that if you don't workout you will feel bad all [...]

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